Succeed after weight loss surgery!

Keep losing.  Maintain.  Get back on track. 

My Bariatric Box delivers the tools to keep you moving in the right direction, no matter which stage you are in.  We seek out the best bariatric diet compliant foods, snacks, supplements, fitness gear, healthy eating tools, and non-edible indulgences and deliver 7 or more of them right to your door every month.

Easy to order

Choose a monthly subscription or save even more by ordering quarterly, semi-annual, or annual subscriptions. Gifts are available too!

Right to your door

Like clockwork!  Get a delicious assortment delivered every month.

Fits any budget

Makes trying a variety of products very affordable.  Gone are the days of buying a whole case of something and discovering you don't like the product.

Be a healthier you

With so many different products to try, boredom never has to be the reason to get off track. 

How It Works

1. Choose a plan.

Pay month-to-month or save by pre-paying for up to a year.  For your convenience, all plans (including pre-pay) renew automatically.

2. We shop for you.

We'll do the leg work for you by finding the best bariatric diet-friendly products and deliver them right to your door.

3. Enjoy your finds.

Try everything out.  Then share the love on Facebook and Instagram to win!

What is My Bariatric Box?

Adapting to a new lifestyle is always difficult.  Adjusting to life after bariatric surgery can seem down right impossible at times.  Led by a team of people who have had weight loss surgery, we understand.  My Bariatric Box is designed to eliminate the frustration associated with finding fresh ideas for protein supplements, meal replacements, and snacks. And because we all like surprises, there's a little something extra in the box to help you take care of yourself.  

What's inside the box?

We’re so glad you asked! Every month, we work hard to bring you products that help keep you on track.  What does that mean?  We source high quality shakes, drinks and bars to help you get your daily protein requirement.  We also keep you snack happy with delicious low sugar snacks.  And because you are more than what you eat, most months there will also be at least one non-food item to help address other concerns that WLS veterans become all to familiar with.  We aim to help with maintaining an active lifestyle, healthy cooking, dry skin, thinning hair, and self care to name a few.  Our goal is to help you stay on track, so we make sure to tell you where you can buy all of the consumable products found in the box.   


What people say about My Bariatric Box

"They totally, totally exceeded my expectations!"

Ruth G. - Green Bay, WI

"I love getting surprises! Even better when it doesn't mess up my diet.  I don't have to worry about that with My Bariatric Box."

Michelle W. - Zachary, LA

". . . awesome goodies that I can't wait to try!"

Melinda M. - Fayetteville, NC