My Bariatric Box Aloha Mango Smoothie

Fill it, shake it, drink it.  Convenient, delicious, and high-protein, too!  15g protein, 4g sugar, 100 calories per serving. 

Available in the My Bariatric Add-On store: $15.95 per six-pack.

My Bariatric Box Fruit Drink Concentrates

Our fruit drink concentrates have added L-Tryptophan, creating a complete amino acid profile and maximum absorbability.  Perfectly portable in green apple and pink lemonade flavors.  Available soon in the My Bariatric box Add-On Store.  $15.95 per 7-serving box.

To enjoy: Mix one packet into 5-10 oz. of cold water.  Stir until dissolved. 

Fit Joy Protein Bars

Last month, you told us you loved them, so this month, we bring you the newest bar, Grandma's Lemon Square, and a fan-favorite, Chocolate Peanut Butter.  24g protein, 5g sugar, 220 calories per bar.  Available at GNC and  12-count for $27.99.

Eat the Bear Bare Isolate Whey Protein Ice Cream Sandwich Protein Powder

Try something new! Eat the Bear is one that we don't think you need to doctor up to enjoy.  The Ice Cream Sandwich flavor is a delicious break from the norm and the nutrition profile is hard to beat. 24g protein, 1g sugar, 100 calories per packet/scoop.  Available at  $45.99 for 31-serving tub.  $3.50 per packet or 10-count for $29.99.

Kay's Naturals Protein Pretzel Sticks

When you are craving crunch, or sweet, or spicy, reach for Kay's Pretzels in Cinnamon Toast or Jalapeno Honey Mustard. 12-15g protein. 3g sugar. 125 calories per 1.25 oz bag.  Available at larger grocery stores and at  $10.14 per 6-pack.AmBari Triple Feature:

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